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Megan Kreiser wrote the following–

Thank you for all your help orchestrating the drop off, servicing, and pick up. I greatly appreciate the time you spent with me working on this and ensuring everything would go smoothly.

Honestly, working directly with you through the entire process (and even meeting with Mike!) was the EASIEST part of my planning, and I truly believe it’s because of your excellent customer service! I hope you are personally recognized for this because it was a pleasure working with you on this event!

Thanks so much for the support! We’ll be certain to use you again for future events.

Megan Kreiser, Director of Development & Event Planning
Harrisburg University of Science and Technology
HUE Festival, Downtown HBG 9/21-9/23/18, with thousands of attendees.

Aneta Bell wrote the following–

Dear Art-
Just stopping by to thank you for your outstanding customer service!! So very thankful for your call, Julia’s calls and Mark Morela’s calls.

You caught my attention when you spoke about what I could expect when using your services ie, company van, licensed business, technicians with identifications.

I was pleased with your details and explained that another company had called and they were calling me back in 30 mins. You were respectful about that comment and I promised you that I would call you back either way. I waited 45 mins and in good conscious called you back to let you know that I wanted your company to do the job. Mark and Verne arrived promptly and were extremely professional. They explained what they were going to do and quickly took care of the problem. Mark than explained afterwards that included in the price a full inspection to check all drains and toilets and hot water heater. I said, “nah you don’t have to do that you corrected the problem”.

Mark and Verne would not be swayed and kindly explained very nicely that it would be the right thing to do. So, now this jumps out to me as I would not have thought poorly of them for leaving as I said they could go!

Well, they checked everything out and let me know the valve on the hot water heater has some rust but no urgency to replace. And now again this got my attention as this would have been an opportunity for them to say I needed to replace the valve ASAP.

Wow wow wow!!!

Truly, I am very thankful and pleased with the price, the service and integrity of your employees. Hang onto your people as they in my mind went beyond my expectations.
Your magnet is on my fridge so I can inform my family and friends what company to use when they need a good company to contact for help with plumbing issue and concerns!!

With Kind Regards,
Aneta Bell
Dover, PA

Ella Holloway
had Mr. Rooter plumbing work done and wrote the following–

I had water in my basement; you were here, it was snowing, and you came! If someone needs a Good company to do every thing right, I’ll tell them to call 717-766-5397!

To all the people at Associated Products and Mr. Rooter: thank you for the way you came to an old lady’s rescue!

Thank you
God bless you all

Ella Holloway

Lisa Harrison, New Cumberland, PA
had septic work done and wrote the following–

Bob is amazing!!!
He went above and beyond. He is an amazing asset to your company!

-L Harrison

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital:

Hi Mr. Nelson,

My name is Brittany Clark, and I work for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I just wanted to take a moment and just brag on your team at Associated Products. I have had the true pleasure of working with your company the past two years on a 5K event that I coordinate benefitting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Brenda has been my point of contact the past two years, and she is truly a joy to work with. She is incredibly efficient, accommodating, professional, funny, and friendly. She goes above and beyond to accommodate my needs, and I so look forward to the opportunity to work with her each year.

One particular example that I wanted to share with you is when I learned of another event happening at City Island the night before my event, and I wanted to be sure there was no confusion on which toilets were for their event and which were for ours, so Brenda suggested putting physical locks on the toilets to rectify the situation. She consistently goes above and beyond to accommodate. I believe Mike was the guy who dropped off the toilets, and I so appreciate him ensuring that our rentals were there as soon as possible, as I was concerned about drop-off with another event happening the night before.

It was just really important to me that you know what a stellar team you have working for you, and that I plan to continue using Associated Products because of the amazing customer service your team provides. I look forward to continuing our partnership in the years to come.

Thank you so much,


Town & Country Electric and Plumbing LLC:

testimonial-2“We want the person in charge of the Portable toilets to know what a good job your driver does. He’s dependable and very thorough.

He represents your company and services well.”