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Video Inspection of Pipe Lines

At Associated Products Services, we use cutting edge technology to inspect your pipes, drains and sewer lines. We use brushless, computer controlled cameras for your video pipe inspection. The color flexiprobe is mounted on a tractor so it can work in pipes from 2″ to 24″, letting us inspect your inside plumbing as well as your drains and sewer lines.

The system is OSHA certified and is offered cost effectively. With the video inspection system, we can visualize lost tools, pipe obstructions, structures and damage. The pipe inspection can be used to inspect conduit, piping and HVAC ducts. The video pipe inspection can be used to save hundreds of dollars in excavation costs, or to allow you to inspect completed work and give you a permanent record of the job.

To order a video inspection, please use our Video Inspection Order Form or contact us so we can help you with your needs.