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CCLS Septic Tank Treatment

What is CCLS Septic Treatment?

ccls3CCLS septic treatment is the once a month septic system additive that helps keep your septic system free flowing and healthy. CCLS contains good bacteria that produce enzymes that help in breaking down organic, solid material in your septic tank. The bacteria digest the material and use it to create more enzymes. The cycle will continue leaving your septic tank free flowing and odor free.

The main use for CCLS is as a monthly septic system additive. In most cases, one bottle of CCLS added to any sink or toilet each month, flushed with lukewarm water, helps maintain your septic system. Older septic systems, or septic systems and cesspools that have not been properly maintained, with regular septic cleanings, may require a higher initial dose to create a higher bacteria level (contact us for details). CCLS septic treatment is not designed to fix clogged drains; for clogged drains please contact us for professional septic service.

Why is CCLS better than other septic additives?

CCLS1CCLS septic treatment is safe, formulated from natural organisms and it needs no mixing. Unlike many other products, it is non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-combustible. There are no harmful fumes or odor and it will not harm you, your skin or your pets. It is not intended to be consumed. It contains no acids, caustics, chloride or volatile organic compounds. CCLS septic treatment is completely biodegradable making it safe for the environment and entirely safe to store and use in your home, in accordance with recommended uses.

General use of CCLS Septic Treatment.

CCLS2CCLS septic treatment should be stored in a cool dry place. All doses should be flushed with lukewarm water. When treating multi-level homes, treat the lower floors first and work up. For the best results, CCLS should be used in accordance to a planned maintenance schedule (once a month being considered best). Used in conjunction with proper septic tank maintenance, including septic cleanings every two years or every year if you use a garbage disposal, CCLS septic treatment will help your septic system stay healthier longer. In addition to septic tank use, CCLS can be used for odors and stains. Dab or spray CCLS, full strength or diluted, on areas with organic odors (pet odors, garbage bins and cans, diaper pails). It works fast!

Note: Do not use CCLS septic treatment with bleach, disinfectants or harsh drain cleaning chemicals. These chemicals will inactivate the bacterial activity of CCLS.

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